The Travels

The Travels

Looking at this blog recently I realised how the emphasis has changed.  While I still walk in the UK when I can many of the images and quite a bit of my time relates to European travelling.  As such I felt there probably should be a page about this aspect of the blog.

Whatever else life tends to bring along changes welcome or otherwise.  Something looking rather like retirement seems to have crept up on me.  While not fully retired I have rather more control of what I do in my life now.  My priorities are family, friends and travel – the order is debatable and changes!  Originally the motorhome was used in the UK for the most part.  However now it does spend most of its travelling time in Europe.  The luxury of time means that those travels can be quite extended and I’d probably look on anything under a month as a short trip these days.

Travelling out of season means that we rarely feel the need to book anything in advance and can wander as we feel inclined.  The freedom this gives us is great.  Motorhoming can be termed a “lifestyle” and it is one we are very happy with.  While the initial costs of the motorhome are high the costs of pitches etc is fairly minimal.  We could not afford to stay away for as long as we do using other forms of accommodation.

Initially we tended to explore France.  We love the life there and, while not fluent, we can get by in French.  Equally if we are away in late Autumn going to Spain makes sense simply from a weather perspective.  Growing braver as we explored, we headed east and visited Croatia in 2017 via Italy and Austria.  We realised that we should broaden our outlook.

At present the plan such as there is one is to explore further across Europe in May/June.  Equally the September/October period lends itself to getting to know parts of France that we haven’t visited as well as vast areas of Spain unknown to us.  We are rarely disappointed.

We will continue to explore the UK and I still walk in the West Country when I can.  I’ll update this page as time goes by.