The motorhome

As this blog has developed with time, & life too, it now features trips in our motorhome frequently in Europe. I was asked on Facebook whether there should be some information about the motorhome for anyone interested and so here it is.

In the Spring of 2016 we finally found a van we wanted to try out as a replacement for the Bolero.  All motorhomes are a compromise in some senses of the word however we’d got to the point where, during extended touring, having to up the bed each night and a lack of real storage space was beginning to become an issue.  The motorhome we now have is half a metre longer (7 metres) and a little narrower (2.2 metres).  It is a 2015 Hymer Exsis T with fixed beds and it had a little over 3000 miles on the clock when we got it.  The fixed beds are great but mean we no longer have as much lounge space, the width is great driving but means the interior is more cramped!  It was well equipped really when we got it however we’ve added a solar panel, bike rack and Gaslow refillable gas system (makes getting gas on the continent easier).  The old one had a bike rack but we didn’t have bikes – now we do and it has increased our ability to tour and our enjoyment.

Motorhome, sunset, France, Lot

Motorhome sunset

Since buying it (and as of December 2017) we have done a number of 6 week+ trips in Europe in the motorhome.  We’ve covered something around 15000 miles in that period so can honestly say we have got to know the no longer “new” motorhome quite well.  They are all compromises however this one seems to suit us well enough and we have no plans to change it – simple to use it!

In passing folk may be interested in the fact that I now have a book review blog running here – other than issues covered in this blog books are one of my favourite subjects.

The Bolero

For just under five years we have toured in an ’07 plate Swift Bolero 630EK.  Factually it was based on a Fiat Ducato van (2.3 diesel engine), was just over 6.5 metres long, under 3 metres high and 2.3 metres wide. It has a few extras on but nothing particularly interesting however if anyone required further information you are welcome to contact me here.

In the nearly 5 years we have had it we did just under 20,000 miles in it and the last year we clocked up around 10,000 of those mostly in Europe.

The gallery here is of the Bolero on just some of the sites on a previous trip.