A little about me


That's me!

I’m Nigel Rossiter.  The Westcountry has been my home for many years now and it is a place I love.  I’ve been a walker since I was very young indeed and I have my parents to thanks for ensuring I felt at home in & enjoyed wild places.  Dartmoor is my home territory and I walk there as much as I can.  I am pretty familiar with the south moor & know the north moor well enough.  I’ve also walked in most of the National Parks in England as well as in Wales (Brecon Beacons, mid Wales & Snowdonia) and Scotland.  I have also walked in fairly wild parts of Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland & some of the Greek Islands.  Time moves on and changes happen and since 2014 I’ve been increasingly away touring in Europe in our motorhome.  These days our Europe trips also involve the use of bikes and we love exploring areas around our campsites using them.  We tend not to plan exactly where and simply spend time exploring and discovering other countries.

I’ve taken photographs since I was young and had various cameras.  Some years ago I had an slr (single lens reflex camera) but waiting to get films developed tried my patience too much.  The digital era makes things far more rewarding.  I started with an Olympus camera some years back and then bought another.  Something over six years ago I was planning to buy a digital slr when my son showed me his Panasonic FX-01 – the images were so good that I went out & bought one.  I was very pleased with the images from that camera but a change in life in 2009 made me review the dslr decision again & I bought a Sony alpha 350.  While not perfect the camera lasted me quite well and I learnt a lot.  In 2011 I replaced it with a new Nikon D7000 which was an outstanding camera.  However, as I was travelling more, I took the decision in 2015 to exchange the D7000 for something far more portable and so I bought a Fuji X100T.  I was so impressed that that I updated to the X100F when that came out in 2017.  There is more information it and my other equipment and software here.

The photographic course I completed in 2009 taught me a lot and I’d like to think that my images are of a high technical standard now.  As seems inevitable these day (!) I  can be found on facebook (for a feed of this blog and a few extra images) – feel free to look and “like” it.  I also post a few rather different images on Flickr these days so feel free to take a look and, if you are a user to follow me there.  Do contact me if you are interested in any you see (or would like to know if I have others – I do!) here.

Having been blogging here for some years now I have a new blog live which is about another favourite topic of mine – books.  The website can be found here and the equivalent facebook page is here.  Thanks.