In the Austrian Tyrol

Leaving the Wolfgangsee area of Austria (see blog here) we headed west.  The weather changed from stormy with sunshine to simply stormy!  We do know there is little point in trying to avoid bad weather however equally it seems better to move on during it than stay put.  We travelled into the Tyrol area and found a campsite close to the Alpbach valley.  It was raining hard when we arrived but the welcome was warm and the site decent and well placed.  We quickly discovered that the local tourist board allowed holiday makers a local travel permit – we made the most of it.

Rattenburg, Tyrol, Austria


The campsite had a bus stop almost outside the gate and the travel permit allowed unlimited bus travel in the area. We found the small town of Rattenburg was very close and had considerable charm. It is very old (first mention before 1000 CE) and the bus goes through an archway in the town that is very tight! A pleasant street of shops and cafes and a castle set back into the hillside all made for it being a good place to visit. It is also on the banks of the river Inn. The weather the day we were there was less than good hence the lack of photographs sadly.

Our travel pass allowed us to use some cable cars too.  Some were too far away for easy access however one was easy to get to so we headed there the day after we visited Rattenburg.  The cable car is not a long one and in Alpine terms it doesn’t take you very high (something just over 1500 metres if I recall correctly).  However it allowed us to take a walk both through the forest and around Alpine meadows which was enjoyable.

The other cable car that it was easy for us to get to was the one going up the Wiedersberger Horn from Alpbach.  At over 2100 metres high at the summit this is starting to feel far more like a mountain.  The summer cable car drops you off some 400 metres below the summit and the walk up is steep in places but very enjoyable.  The views from the summit were excellent.

While this was a fairly brief stay in the area it once again brought home to us that Austria, somewhere we hadn’t visited until last year, held considerable attraction for us.  We will certainly look to return to the country and probably the Tyrol on a future trip.  However by now we needed to start making some progress towards the UK again.  We’d hope to stay in Switzerland on the way out but the weather was poor.  The next blog is about how we got on on the return journey.

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