In Budapest

Leaving Austria – see the blog here – we headed further east (and further than we have been before!).  Our plan had always been to visit Hungary however our plans have changed before.  We were aiming for Budapest but we stopped off at another campsite before we got there.  We did find the contrasts between Austria and Hungary quite marked.  There was certainly a feel of something more “eastern European” in the town we stopped at.  While it was quite interesting the campsite there did little for us so we moved on to Budapest.  With hindsight driving through the centre of a city in a country we knew nothing about was probably unwise!  We certainly managed to get into and out of the odd bus lane and I’m glad we saw no police on that part of the trip.  However we made it to the campsite unscathed.  Located just over a kilometre from a metro station it was ideally placed for exploring the city.

The weather at the start of our first day was terrible.  Steady heavy rain.  However we were on one of the “hop on, hop off” bus tours so stayed dry most of the time and managed to get our bearings a little.  By the afternoon the weather was much better and we started exploring the city more on foot.  We ate lunch in the Budapest market.  Very busy indeed but very tasty food!  One of the sights that did make us stop and think was the “Shoes on the Danube“.  It made a very effective memorial to us.

Our second day brought far better weather.  We opted to do our own thing and bought all day passes for the public transport.  Priced sensibly it meant we could use the metro, trains, buses and trams in the city and made getting to the places we wanted to go far easier.

We really enjoyed our time in Budapest.  Maybe our favourites sites are the ones immediately above.  There was something about Heroes Square which simply got to us and the statues are very fine indeed.  The Liberty Statue, high up above the backs of the Danube was an excellent memorial in a wonderful position.  Finally the Mother and Child overlooking the city and the Danube was wonderfully placed.  There really was much to see there and plenty to do.  We left there and headed a little south in Hungary to stay at a “spa” campsite.  Not something we had done before however the fact that we had access to around 7 pools of various sort right next to the campsite added a dimension to our stay that we liked.  We swam everyday before breakfast and a few times after that.  While we really enjoyed Hungary we felt in need of some more scenery and decided to head back into Austria again.  That is the subject of the next blog.