Heading east through Austria

Austria, mountains, campsite, snow

Morning view

Leaving the Colmar area in France (see the blog here) we wanted to stop for a while in Switzerland however the weather was not in our favour.  We drove through Switzerland on a very wet Sunday and stayed a night in the very west of Austria.  The view the following morning made it all worthwhile!

We headed off the next morning heading towards central Austria near Zell am see.  The choice was a little random however some friends had mentioned the area and we’d heard of the Grosglockner Pass.  The start of the pass was close to the campsite.  In the end we liked the area and Zell am see however the campsite wasn’t that appealing to us so we decided to move on and consider other campsites in the area if we returned that way.

Sometime earlier I’d read about the “Lake District” in southern Austria and we decided we would like to take a look at at least one of the lakes there.  One lake which caught our eye was Millstatter see.  We headed to the southern end of the lake and found a campsite there close to Dobriach and the lake.  We liked the area straight away despite some less than favourable weather.  The lake was pleasant, the town had the basics and there was easy access to public transport along the lake.  Equally, we were told that it was easy to cycle around the lake.  We are happy to cycle however our experience of off road (and somewhat steep) cycling is limited.  We enjoyed the run around the lake however it might not be for everyone.  We did come across a lovely hotel/bar on the less inhabited west side of the lake.  Good coffee, good welcome and a great view.  Although we tend to say this about a number of places we would return to Dobriach happily.  The campsite was good and there was enough close by (including a good restaurant) to keep us happy.

From here we had no concrete plans.  We had wondered about going to Slovenia but in the end we decided to head to Hungary and that is the subject of the next blog.

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