Dartmoor and drought, Summer 2018

Sadly time doesn’t permit me to get on Dartmoor as often as I would like these days.  However a (so far) long dry summer (2018) and a spare day made me determined to get a walk in.  The objective was to be one of the Dartmoor reservoirs whose water level are low at present.  Fernworthy has much of interest under the water however still had enough water to cover what was beneath.  Burrator was low enough to uncover remnants of the past.  However I decided to head from the Avon reservoir on the south of the moors for this trip and see what it was like.

Dartmoor, Avon, reservoir, drought, summer, 2018

Avon reservoir – drought 2018 panorama

With water levels maybe around 20 metres lower than usual the scene looked very different to what can normally be seen.  Compare the scene above with a winter time walk I blogged here.

The water levels leave old building remains clearly on view with walls and other remains visible.  The last time I’m certain I remember seeing the reservoir like this was in 1976 though it is possible I also saw it like it in the late 1980s – memories play tricks!