Colmar and Freiburg

Late Spring (2018) and its time for another wander through Europe in our motorhome.  Having stepped a little outside our comfort zone last year and visited Croatia we decided we would like to see more of Eastern Europe.  With that in mind the plan was to head to Hungary even if we were not sure which way we would get there.  In the Spring of last year we visited Strasbourg and liked it.  We decided to see a little more of the Rhine valley on our way east.  We stayed at a small campsite between Colmar and the Rhine (which is the border between France and Germany).  There will be more about the actual spot we stayed in a future blog as – something rare for us – we stayed there again on the return journey.

Colmar was a town we decided we would like to visited.  Given a bus service from close to the campsite we decided to use that to get there.  We found the town charming and a little like a smaller version of Strasbourg.  The old buildings were very attractive as was the canal area.  It certainly confirmed our view that this part of the Rhine valley appeals to us and we will be likely to return to the general area on another trip.

Rhine, Comar, France, Germany

The Rhine near Colmar

While at the campsite we did cycle in the area a number of times.  Among other trips we cycled across our first border crossing the Rhine to the town of Breisach in Germany – very exciting :-).

Given the level of public transport available easily from the campsite we decided to visit a town on the German side of the valley of the Rhine – Freiburg.  Using a bus to get across the border first we then took the train to Freiburg.  Once again we were impressed by the architecture of the centre of this old town.  It was a pleasant place to simply wander around.  As with all these sort of towns there were plenty of places to eat.  We decided to have some lunch in the old covered market.  This is now full of small food outlets and allows you to get a meal and eat in interesting old surroundings which have been given a modern twist.

Our next stops were in Austria.  Again we visited the country briefly in 2017 and decided to explore it some more.  That blog is here.