Pictures of Collioure

Leaving Albi we headed south.  Collioure was somewhere we had heard about quite often over the past few years and we felt we would like to see it.  Based on everything we’d heard it seemed sensible to visit it out of season.  However the other side of that coin was that we realised the weather might not be that good.

We were there in late February/early March (2018) and we had some days of quite good weather.  It was not all that warm but we had not expected it to be.  We were surprised at just how busy the town was, particularly at weekend.  During the week it was far quieter.  The seafront made a great place to sit for a morning coffee with a little something from one of the boulangeries.  The fact that the area had a “1 euro” bus service – travel anywhere for a euro – made getting around easy enough.  A day in Perpignan – wet – left us feeling we had seen more interesting cities in France.  However the coastline around Collioure was very appealing.  We also learnt about the Banyuls wines – see here for more.  Some are naturally sweet and the ones I tasted were very good indeed.

The storm

While we had not expected good weather we did get one day of dramatically bad weather.  In fairness much of France (and the UK) was having exceptional snow at the time.  However the storm which hit that section of the coast made for some interesting photography.

All in all we enjoyed our time here.  We can see why people speak so well of Collioure too.  However it was time to head back to the Channel and home.

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