Around Alcossebre

After leaving Peniscola we headed a short distance further south on the eastern Spanish coast. Indeed as the crow flies it was hardly any distance. However on the southern edge of Peniscola a national park, the Serra d’Irta, starts and we had to drive around that.  It covers the coast from there to the start of the town of Alcossebre.  The first campsite we stayed at was just over a kilometre into the national park from Alcossebre.

The campsite details said that it could be reached via a “dirt track a kilometre long”.  Basing my decision on the fact that other people obviously managed to get there I thought it would be easy enough.  In practice it was both rough and dirty however the campsite itself was excellent and we were in a national park.

Walking on the paths through the rough scrub of the park was good.  The edge along the coast gave both good walking and views when the path got close to the sea.  We decided to try cycling the dirt track to Alcossebre so we could get into town more easily.  The track was closer to 2 kilometres and then there was a further 2 kilometres into the town.  Once there we felt very at home.  By comparison to our previous stops it was quite peaceful and not over developed for a pleasant coastal resort.

We decided we would like to see more of the area so we moved to another campsite on the other side of town.  Once again it was around 3 kilometres from the town however that was along a road which made the cycling simpler.  The beach was just across the road from the campsite easy to get some lovely sunset and sunrise pictures.

Alcossebre was a town we would happily return too however time was now getting short and we had to move on.  We stopped briefly at Benecassim before starting our run home.  The first stop of the run back proved to be one of the most interesting of the trip and that blog is now here.