On Ile-de-Re and heading south

The original plan for our autumn trip in the motorhome was to head east into Germany and then south. Quite literally the day before we left we changed our plans. The forecast for Germany and the east of France was poor for a couple of weeks and we agreed to head that way on another occasion. The west coast of France looked better and we’d planned to go to Ile-de-Re sometime anyway.

The cycling on Ile-de-Re is excellent with many dedicated cycle routes. It is also fairly flat which was good in some ways and allowed us to get back into cycling fairly easily. The downside was that the winds from the west blow across the island with no real obstructions. Some days were actually quite tough cycling into the wind. Initially we stayed on the south coast of the island. However we found we liked the area around St Martin – the capital of the island – and so moved to that area on the north coast quite quickly.

The town of St Martin really did appeal to us. It is an old fortified town with lovely old streets and a very good harbour area. The market was good and the campsite we used was a 10 minute cycle ride away. Trip to Loix. An area we would return to though surprisingly busy in September – the campsites we stayed at were effectively full every day we were there.

We spent quite a lot of our time cycling on Ile-de-Re and it allowed us to explore the island far more than we would have done on foot.

Heading south and aiming for Saint-Jean-de-Luz we stopped for a short while in the Landes region.  We stayed at Vieux Boucau.  This is partly a created modern seaside resort and part old town.  I guess we wouldn’t want to be there in the height of the season however in September it was very pleasant.  The market was a fairly large one for the size of the town.  There was a very good cycle route which passes close by the town.  Once again it allowed us to explore the area better and we got some exercise.  The region is wooded on sand and so the views can get rather similar.  Most enjoyable for a while though.  From here we headed almost to the French border to stay at Saint-Jean-de-Luz and that is the subject of the next blog.

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