The Baska tablet and alphabet

Heading back north from the Krka National Park (see the blog here) we decided to stop off on Krk island.  We’d had a night there on the way south and enjoyed it and wanted to see more of the place.  This is a somewhat different blog for me.  When we got there we saw some odd looking sculptures.  I’ve photographed this sort of thing from time to time in the past but this series is something different again.  I’ll show some of the images here and then talk about them a little more.

I found this fascinating and so deeply rooted in history while the sculptures themselves are very modern.  The script itself is Glagolitic and dates back to the 9th century. This combination of ancient and modern and often in very scenic settings seemed appropriate and gave me pause for thought.  As a sculpture trail around the valley it made us explore places we might not have reached otherwise – very satisfying.

The tablet itself is from around 1100 and was found in the Baska valley.  It is essentially a religious text however it also mentions Croatia on it and so is very important to the country.  We enjoyed our time in this valley on Krk island – it is a lovely spot – however this for me was something special.  The blog with a little more about our time around Baska is now live.