Around Baska on Krk island

I’ve previous blogged part of our time at Baska on Krk island, Croatia here though that was a very specific post about the ancient script and sculptures we found there. This is a rather more general one.  It was one of those places we simply felt at home at despite the campsite not being the greatest we stayed at on the trip.

The sea was that lovely Mediterranean colour, the bay was beautiful and the town appealing.  While it was fairly touristy there was no high rise buildings around and parts of the town felt fairly untouched.  That said the tourist trade was obviously a major fact in keeping this small town on the south of Krk island viable.

We spent time both relaxing and walking or cycling around the area.  One of our walks was up to the church set above Baska.  It had great views over the bay.  It also had the graveyard with the best views I’ve seen – certainly a place to rest.  Just below the church were the remains of far older inhabitants.  The area has extensive remains of walls and buildings from early Greek and Roman times when the island had more cultivation on it.

The town provided us with good food and drink, pleasant streets and some humour!  The cats outside the fish shop were irresistible.  Equally I’m pleased to say I ordered the “good” wine rather than the bad and it was good.

All in all a special place to stay and one we would like to return to.  We had intended to spend a little longer in Croatia however circumstances conspired against us.  We headed back to northern Italy to a lake close to Trento and that blog is here.