Krka National Park, Croatia

Less than 20 miles from our campsite near Sibenik (see the previous blog here) is the Krka National Park.  One of the aspect of Croatia a number of people mentioned to us were the National Parks there.  In general they were referring to Plitvice lakes park however we were so close to Krka it seemed silly not to visit.  We stayed at a somewhat quirky campsite which was about 2 kilometres from one of the park entrances.  We cycled to it and found that it was not a national park as we have them in the UK.  There is an entrance and you pay an entrance fee to visit.  It was not a particularly large sum given that it is a tourist attraction though I don’t recall the actual figure. I’ll let the images speak for themselves in the main.

The whole national park is quite large running along quite a section of the river valley.  However the tourist section you walk around is a relatively small part of that.  It consists of a number of waterfalls of varying sizes, pools and a trail through the woods taking you around the area.  Given how close we were to the entrance we were one of the first tourists in on that day and it was quiet to start with.  Wandering along the walkways looking into the pools and the fish and frogs was very enjoyable.

The waterfalls – though not high – were also quite beautiful.  We were a little surprised at the number of people swimming by the main waterfall by the middle of they day – it is allowed though and it was a hot day.  Equally by then there were far more people there and the walkways were becoming crowded.  There is a “right way” to walk around the area however some groups obviously did it their way and made the walkways feel rather small at times.  There is a boat ride available that takes you up river from the waterfalls however the day was very hot by then and we’d been out for quite some time already so decided to give that a miss this time.  We really enjoyed the time we’d had at the park.  We’d planned to visit Plitvice lakes too but we decided we would save that for our next visit to Croatia.  Having enjoyed our brief stay on Krk island on the way south we decided to head back to it and look at another part of it as we started heading back north again.  Part of that stay is now blogged here.

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