By Lake Lucerne

Early May and time to be off again on another motorhome trip in Europe.  We don’t plan any detail at all generally on these trips preferring to take things as they come however the broad brush was to head through Switzerland, into Italy and the lakes there and then on to Croatia.  It would be our most ambitious and longest trip so far if it all worked out.

We passed through Luxembourg on the way and can confirm that fuel there really is very cheap!  As we went into Switzerland we bought our Swiss vignette which allows us to use Swiss autoroutes for the rest of the year.  Originally the idea had been to head into the Bernese Oberland close to high mountains.  However the weather was not good and we had heavy storms as we got into Switzerland.  Having read an article on a campsite on the edge of Lake Lucerne we decided to give that a try.  The day we arrived the weather was not promising (left hand image), the day after was much better as can be seen on the right.

It was a lovely campsite and very well placed.  Our pitch had views over the lake.  Also it was close to public transport (bus service) along the lake and via this to the railway which allowed access to Lucerne itself.  However Vitznau (where the campsite was) is also the start of one arm of the Rigi railway.  This runs up from the lakeside to the top (all bar a few metres) of Rigi at 1797 metres.  The run is not particularly fast but it is spectacular.  The views on the way up and down are lovely.  We bought a “day card” and so while we did a conventional tourist run in the morning coming back down in the early afternoon we also returned in the evening.  As the campsite was so close to the station it made sense to make the most of the ticket and take one of the last trains up in the evening.  The light on the Alps was lovely and far better than it had been in the morning and there were far fewer people there.  The top two images are from the morning, the lower two from the evening run.

Coming back off the tramway in the evening we arrived back on the edge of Lake Lucerne.  The evening sunset was was irresistible.  During our stay we did go into Lucerne itself via public transport however the day was fairly great and cloudy and the pictures – whilst they are memories – were nothing very special.  The next blog of this trip concerning our time on the Italian lake of Iseo is live.

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