At Lake Iseo

Moving on from a stay on Lake Lucerne in Switzerland we travelled south and east to Iseo and its lake in northern Italy.  Iseo is quite close to the better known Lake Garda however it is considerably smaller.

The run there from Switzerland was quite a long one and the weather was not the best.  However by the time we arrived at the campsite and got our pitch things looked a little better.  We have rarely had a pitch with quite such stunning views.

I’d stayed on the Italian Lakes many years ago and I’ve always wanted to return to see if my love of the area was a temporary thing.  Iseo was not a lake I’d stayed on last time however it had been recommended to me by another motorhomer I’d met a couple of years ago.  It had stuck in my mind.  Having stayed a few nights there it is somewhere I would return to without hesitation and I’d hope to do so in the next couple of years.  With the campsite being on the eastern side of the lake we enjoyed some wonderful sunsets there.

The town of Iseo itself was also very appealing.  Compact definitely however it had plenty of cafes and restaurants and a good feel to it.  The ice creams were excellent!  While it was a tourist destination without question it was far more tranquil than many places and was certainly part of the charm of the area for us.

The quality of the light in the evenings was wonderful.  We often just sat there and watched the light change.

Iseo, lake, motorhome, campsite, pitch, Italy, view

View from the dinner table

And finally… One of the joys of motorhoming is that sometimes you get somewhere really memorable.  Eating an evening meal with this view and the sunsets to come will stay in my mind until I return.  We did stay on Lake Garda for a while after this however it was not so much to our taste and the pictures are less interesting so the next blog will be of some of our time in Croatia.