Around Sibenik, Croatia

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On the Croatian coast

Moving on from the Italian lakes (see blog here) we arrived in Croatia. Several people had told us that we really should visit the country so we decided to have a bit of time there to see whether it was somewhere we would return to for longer. We stopped for a night on Krk island which we liked but we wanted to move further south first. In practice we were to return to Krk however we didn’t know that at the time! The run down the coast from there to Sibenik where we ended up staying for a while was wonderful. It was not a fast run as the road twisted and turned for quite a long way. However the views of the islands and the sea were stunning.

We stayed on quite a large campsite complex (there were hotels, bars etc as well as a campsite) which is not our usual thing.  However it still managed to feel like an ordinary campsite despite the size – we cycled around the perimeter and it was just under 5 kilometres!  The setting – we were yards from the beach – was lovely.  As time went by we realised that the bars etc were priced to make the most of a captive audiences and things were cheaper off the campsite.  However, other than a stony beach, it was a very good campsite.

There was a bus service into the old town of Sibenik which took maybe 15 minutes.  The central part of the old town was very attractive.  It has to be said that there were plenty of tourists around however a short walk away from the main sights took you past lovely old architecture and into peaceful pleasant places.  We’d met some other UK tourists who flown there and when we returned to the bus stop we got chatting.  Sadly none of us realised that the bus we were looking for was a regular service one rather than one for the holiday complex so sadly we missed it.  However we managed to get  a people carrier taxi which was actually cheaper than the bus!

Some of my favourite images of the whole trip where those of the sunsets we enjoyed just yards from our motorhome on the coast.  They can speak for themselves.

sunset, fountain, coast, croatia, sibenik

Sunset through the fountain

A final image from here really is one I like.  From here we went about 15 miles inland to the Krka National Park and that blog is here.