Mixed weather on the south moor

This blog relates to an afternoon/evening walk in mid April (2017). Not having managed to get on the moors for a while we finally had an opportunity to get a walk in and the weather looked ok. Given we had a little more time for this one we headed into the centre of the moor and parked not that far away from Princetown.

As soon as we got out of the car we realised that it was far colder on the moors than it had been nearer the coast. And there was a very sharp wind. Putting on an extra layer we set off in sunshine and headed south past Nun’s Cross farm towards Eylesbarrow (one of the highest points on the south Moor). The day was still fine and so we went further south to wander around part of the upper reaches of the River Plym. We stopped at Hart Tor for a snack and to take in the view (lovely!).¬† The “Upper Plym valley” photo above was taken from there.

During the time we were there – not long – the weather changed. Clouds came over and there was a threat of rain too. And it got colder. Fortunately years of walking the moors in often adverse conditions means that we usually have an extra layer or two with us and they went on. We headed loosely east from here and then up towards the ridge above Erme Pits. Despite a relatively dry period the ground was often fairly wet and the paths there are few and far between. Growing a little tired of the ground we headed back into the Plym valley around Plym ford and again stopped for a break. There was still no sun however at least we got out of the wind in part of an old tin working.

From here we took a fairly straight line back to Nun’s Cross farm and the car. An enjoyable walk however, as always, you do need to be careful about the weather on Dartmoor whatever the season.