Charmouth and Lyme Regis

It’s been a while since we’ve been away in our motorhome for a variety of reasons.  However, with its annual service and habitation check due, we wanted to get in a short break just to make sure we had found out anything that was obviously wrong.  There is a campsite in Charmouth, Dorset (Seadown) which we’ve stayed at before and which is close to the beach there.  There are pleasant walks in both directions along the coast and it’s a good place just to relax.  Given the fact that it was still March we didn’t have high hopes for the weather which was just as well.  That said we had one poor day – wet – a couple of windy days (cold) and one sunny one so no real complaints.  One of the things I do like about the campsite is that it is easy to get to the beach after most people have left and the evening along the coast can be lovely.  The beach at Charmouth tends to be quite busy.  This is the Jurassic coast and there are usually a number of fossil hunters there.  It isn’t that hard to find a few fossil signs but finding anything “good” is unlikely.

We headed into Lyme Regis a couple of times while we were there.  It was a good place to go on the wet day (& via public transport!) and we walked the coast to it on the sunny day.  It’s a pleasant little town with enough shops and cafes to attract people.  There are some quite decent eating places too.  Throw in the fact that you are on a lovely part of the coast and that it boast the Cobb and it’s not surprising that it can attract quite a lot of people.  The Saturday we were there it was really quite busy with tourists.  From a photography point of view the interplay of light, clouds and the sea will always attract me – it’s simple but I love it!

Lyme Regis, Charmouth, dorset, jurassic

Lyme Regis from Charmouth

At the time of writing this the motorhome is pretty near ready for a longer trip. It has to go into the local Fiat dealer for a replacement part this coming week (fortunately under warranty) but hopefully we will then be good to go a bit further.