Reflecting on the river Dart

River Dart, Totnes, devon, reflections

River Dart at Totnes

A nice winter’s morning a week or so back and I headed down the river Dart at Totnes for a stroll. If was very cold and clear, the tide was reasonably high and it was early morning. The river does tend to be quite calm in the early part of the mornings. That combined with the tide and the clarity made for very good reflections in the river.

Realising that put me in a somewhat thoughtful mood and I decided to see what I could do with the opportunity.  The above image was my first thought.  For me this works just fine.  It teasing the eye which knows there is something not quite right with the right hand image.  However for most people, without the left hand image, they find it hard to see what it is.

Taking it a stage further and being a little more playful this one shows the original image and one that has been both flipped through 180 degrees and drained of colour.  This one is actually maybe more striking if you just see the monochrome image.  The eye really does know something is wrong usually.

Again the technique is similar.  The reflection is as near perfect as you are likely to get and it does lend itself to this sort of approach.  To see a larger copy of the monochrome do look at the image on my Flickr feed.  All in all a pleasant walk and a diversion into slightly less ordinary photography!