North to Ryder’s Hill and back

Having been trying to get a walk in on the moors for sometime now we finally found a day where everything came together.  It was very cold – ice on the road as we drove out.  However it looked as though it was going to be sunny.  We parked near Reddacleave Kiln then headed out north on the ridge that leads via Pupers to Ryder’s Hill.  We quickly realised that even in the sun it was going to be a bitterly cold day.  Taking a break at Pupers we could not find anywhere to sit that was in the sun and out of the wind so we didn’t stop for long.  The left hand image, looking towards Huntingdon Warren and the old warren house there, was taken at that time.  Heading on to Ryder’s there is an area on the main track that is usually wet even in Summer.  Today was no exception and we had to take quite a loop of the track to avoid some wet and cold paddling!

Arriving at the top of Ryder’s it was very exposed to the wind (one of the highest points on the south moor) so we didn’t stay long.  We took the ridge that heads south towards Huntingdon Warren.  While it was wet at times underfoot there were parts of the track that were quite well frozen which made for some easier walking.  The whole of this area has been extensively mined (by tinners) over centuries.  Walking down we stopped at T Girt, one of the old and named workings, for a snack.  It had the benefit of getting us out of the wind while still being in the sun.  We realised just how sheltered we’d been when we set off again and came back out into the wind – it was very cold.  We headed down the workings and walked past Huntingdon Warren before heading back down the main ridge to the car again.  The warren provided food, partly from cultivation and mainly in this case from rabbits, to the miners nearby.

I’ve often found a monochrome approach works well on Dartmoor.  There is something about the stone and the landscape that lends itself to black and white images.  I thought I’d offer these two images as an example from this days walk.  A good walk though very cold.  Hopefully there will be another outing soon.