Winter’s morning on Teignmouth seafront

These are images from another walk in between Christmas and the New Year (2016).  Once again it was a very cold morning however the forecast was for sunshine.  We simply walked the coast around Teignmouth for a while.  The images show that Teignmouth itself was in sunshine but further up the coast (to the north) there appeared to be a cloud bank.  Despite the sun it was fairly cold still.

After stopping for a coffee we walked back out on to the seafront to a rather changed day.  The cloud bank was obviously moving further south.  Initially (the two upper images) the cloud covered Teignmouth but had not reached further south.  A little later – the two lower images – the sun was almost completely blotted out.  Once again the images above show a monochrome take on the shots.  For me these work in both cases though I cannot honestly say which version of either I prefer.

boat, sunlight, devon, teignmouth, winter

Boat in sunlight

I guess this one above has to be my favourite image from the morning.  The boat is partly concealed by the rising water vapour from the sea (which was far warmer than the air temperature).  Throw in the great winter sunlight and it is one I really like.