Dawlish to Dawlish Warren and back

One of those promising winter days by the look of the weather.  We decided not to head out on to the moors but to wander along the coast for a while.  Walking from Dawlish to Dawlish Warren is pretty tame really.  However it does offer good views on a nice day and by the time you are walking around the warren area in winter you see few people.  The first shot above was taken as we set off from Dawlish and, while cold, the day looked promising.  Once we reached Dawlish Warren area we realised that there was a strong wind blowing down the estuary of the river Exe.  Coming from that direction made it a northerly and it certainly felt like it.  Even in the sun it was a raw winter’s when exposed to that wind.  We walked clockwise around the warren and then stopped on the south side of it.  This meant that we were sheltered more as we were sitting on the beach and the warren was offering some protection from the wind.  Unfortunately while we were eating some lunch the wind moved a little to the east.  Our shelter was far less effective and even worse our sandwiches actually started having sand on them!  Time to move on.

Moving along the beach a little we managed to get out of the wind again and finished our sandwiches.  The above shot is Contre-jour.  Put simply it is just shooting into the light.  In practice it is quite hard to get good results with this approach however it is one I like a lot.  Given there is little colour in the left hand image anyway it seemed worth trying it as a monochrome image.  For me it works fairly well as either I thinking.

In the same vein as the previous images this one is shot into the light too.  Almost back at the start of Dawlish Warren this sight was irresistible. The low winter light is always attractive to me.  Shadows and contrasts work far better at this time of year.  Again the image on the left has little colour so draining it made sense.  In this case the monochrome image works slightly better for me I think.  All in all a pleasant winter walk if rather cold.