Winter’s morning in the Bay

The gap between Christmas and the New Year has mostly been sunny and cold this year (2016).  Given that the run to Christmas tended to be wet it has been good to get out and make the most of some better weather.  The pictures here are from a fairly short walk along Paignton and Preston seafronts in really very good conditions one morning.  Although challenging to shoot into the sunlight was low and lovely.  I know I tend to forget just how nice an area I live close to.  We do all tend to take such things for granted I guess.

I do find myself drawn to monochrome more these days.  However there are shots that simply do not work out in black and white (and some do not in colour too).  Once in a while they seem to look ok in either format.  The one above – taken on Preston beach – seems to look good enough either way to me.  The low sun creates nice shadows in the sand and the few walkers add some interest.

A couple of others from the day also got the monochrome treatment too.  For me these both work reasonably well in these scenes.