Wandering Hameldon in the evening

This walk got a little overlooked by other travels that I wanted to blog.  However tidying up my photos I looked at it again and decided I’d pop it on here.  It is from late July (2016) and was an evening walk on the eastern side of central Dartmoor.  The ridge we wandered around is called Hameldon (or Hameldown) and is a real “whaleback” shaped ridge viewed from either side.  To the east of it lies Widecombe-in-the-moor.  We set off from close to the southern end of the ridge.  It can be rather an “out and back” type walk – the views are good but as a general rule we prefer something more circular.  On that basis we walked more to the east of the ridge before climbing up to the top.  Inevitably we realised why we don’t usually go that way – the ground was both rough and at times wet.  However climbing up the side we came out into the evening sunlight close to Hameldon Beacon.  This ancient beacon is one of a number on this ridge which also includes the ancient settlement of Grimspound; all evidence that man has been in the area for many hundreds of years.

Having stopped at the beacon (or maybe barrow) for a drink and something to eat we started back down the ridge on the main path to get back to the car.  As can be seen, above the shadows were getting longer as we walked and by the time we got back to the car the light was beginning to go.  Not a long walk but a pleasant outing and one that we do do fairly regularly.  For another walk on this ridge you can take a look at this blog here.