In Sète again

We’d visited Sète last year while we were on the south coast of France (see the blog here) and found it an appealing town.  On the Mediterranean coast, it is fairly large with a variety of old and new areas.  There are a network of canals that connect the sea to the Étang de Thau, a large inland lagoon.  There are some fairly large squares, great for sitting and watching the world go by, as well as some nice park areas too.  All in all it makes for a nice day out with plenty of opportunities for food and shopping in a French town that manages to feel spacious and compact at the same time.

Sète lies at the eastern end of a long spit of land that Marseillan Plage is at the west of (and was where we were staying).  While we took the bus this time, it is quite possible to cycle from Marseillan Plage to Sète mostly on cycle track.  Prior to this trip we’d not taken bikes with us and had not really ridden bikes for many years.  However, now we have the new van (more details here) we felt we should give them a try while abroad.  We bought a couple of fairly basic “hybrid” (suitable for road and off road use) bikes.  We started using them on the Mediterranean coast and quickly realised just how much more we could do by bike rather than on foot.  More on the bikes in future blogs.

I do love the random quirkiness of the things you see when wandering around with a camera at the ready.  Both of these “art works” appealed though in different ways.  After our time on the south coast of France we headed west and that will be the subject of the next blog on our trip.