Heading south through France

Mid May (2016) and we are heading off again to wander around France a little in our new (to us) motorhome (and more of that later).  Crossing on the tunnel we spent a night near Calais and then a night near Tours.  The idea was to stop at Millau again as we did last year because we’d enjoyed it there.  However we needed somewhere to stop en route and that brought us to a lovely little campsite at Blot-l’Église (a commune in the Auvergne region of France).  It was a very tranquil and small village (in English terms) however just the place to chill out for a couple of days.  The sunsets were lovely and there were nice rural walks.  The village boasts its own oil mill and I’m happy to say we sampled their oils and bought some!

We moved on south on the free autoroute to Millau.  It’s a town we loved when we visited it a year ago (the blog is here) and I think it will be somewhere we return to again.  The old part of the town is old and French, there is a good market, good restaurants, cafes and campsites on the banks of the Tarn.  The weather this year was far from good.  We spent the first evening looking out of the back of the van at the rising waters of the river Tarn.  The pitch was on the banks and gave us pause for thought.  In practice the river would have had to rise far more to make us move but it was very wet for a while.

After a few nights at Millau we moved on to Marseillan Plage on the Mediterranean coast.  Again we’d stopped there last year and enjoyed it and again the weather was very different to last year!  The images above were taken in the fairly near vicinity of Marseillan Plage however there is plenty to do in the general area.  Towns such as Sete and Agde are well worth a visit (the blog on Sete is here) and the country side around is great too.  Having travelled in the old motorhome quite extensively in France we decided we really should get and use bikes now.  So as well as getting a new van we bought a couple of bikes not having ridden for many years.  It was here that we started trying them out and happily found just how much we enjoyed riding them.  They certainly expanded the area we were able to cover without moving the motorhome and France is well provided for in terms of dedicated cycle tracks which made our initial rides less scary for us and for drivers as we didn’t need to venture on to any major roads.  More on the bikes and the motorhome as this sequence of blogs come out.  When we left here we moved west and that blog is here.