Holne moor evening

Another evening when the conditions looked good enough to get out on Dartmoor and we headed for Holne moor on the south east edge of the moors. It had been our intended destination on the last walk – see here – but roadworks diverted us. This time we made it with no problems. While not warm the sun was out when we set off and the evening was simply cool. What was lovely was the richness of colours and clarity in the evening light.  We kept the walk fairly simple and effectively headed around Vennford reservoir without too many diversions.  There are at least three old leats running around the back of the reservoir, one of which still carries water to local farms.  Another leat feeds water into the reservoir itself. The reservoir was built in 1907 and originally served Paignton’s water supply.

It got cold as the sun set however it was still nice enough to stop for a short while for a drink and take in the view. While Vennford isn’t a large reservoir the setting is very attractive. I’ve seen it and photographed it in almost all imaginable conditions from flood to drought and from brilliant sunshine to fog and snow – I never tire of it.  In that evening light I did like the length of our shadows – simple but appealing.

Sunset, Holne moor, dartmoor

Sunset on Holne moor

The sunset when it came made the walk worthwhile for that alone.  We’d not walked far but it had been a very good evening walk and hopefully there will be more to come soon.