Cold evening around Haytor

As the clocks have gone forwards now there is more of an opportunity to get back to evening walks again which is something I love. This walk was in early April and when we headed up to the moors it seemed like a nice enough evening. When we got out of the car near Saddle Tor we realised that, on the moors, it was bitterly cold. We put on all the layers we had and set off determined to get at least a brisk walk out of it. In practice in seems likely that the temperature was below zero allowing for wind chill so it felt far more like winter than spring. It was not an evening for standing around and the photographs here were taken very quickly!

While it really was a lovely night to be out from the perspective of the views it was too cold to hang around. We reached Haytor and, on the top, the wind and cold were very noticeable. We decided to miss the usual drinks stop in favour of getting back to the car and so headed back again quickly. The last light in the clouds was beautiful and it simply made us keen to get out again as soon as we could.