High tide and floods in Totnes – February 2016

Most of the winter period of 2015/16 has been very wet in the UK so far.  Certainly floods are not all that unique sadly and Totnes (In Devon) has not been badly affected in general.  However the River Dart in Totnes is tidal and so the combination of high tides and large volumes of rain can have quite an effect on the level of the river here.  Walking in to town towards the end of last week (in the rain) we realised that it was almost high tide and so decided to take a look at the river.  I’ve certainly not seen it this high in over 10 years and it seemed worth trying to get a few pictures of it.  As it had not been a day for taking the camera out I decided to have a go with my phone.  Despite being a photographer (or maybe because of that) I have little knowledge of phone cameras however the pictures certainly capture the high levels of the Dart at that time.  Vire Island is not actually an island but more a promentory with the river Dart on the left of it and the millstream on the right.  However parts of it were certainly an island at the time of these pictures!