Grey day on Wimbledon Common


The pond

A weekend spent in the London area led to a walk on Wimbledon Common. Given it was the end of January, grey and rather cold after a lot of rain, the promise for photography might not have looked all that good. However, although the light is often very “flat” at this sort of time of year, it does often lend itself to monochrome treatment of the images.

In practice there was little actual colour in most of the images I took that afternoon. This is Queen’s Mere near the windmill on the Common. The pond has a good number of water birds on it including moorhen, coot and tufted ducks. Swans are obviously present (& the ubiquitous gulls); all are very happy to be fed even if it does get a little noisy and there was no shortage of people ready to feed them. The surprise was that passing dogs out for a walk were also happy to snatch the bread too! As anyone who has looked at my images will know I do like taking the odd shot of fellow photographers from time to time. This guy was in full camouflage gear – it seemed a little odd given the number of other people who were around and happily being ignored by the wildlife present. The size of lens also looked like an overkill at that range.

Treehouse, wimbledon,monochrome

Tree house

In amongst the woods there were a number of these “treehouses” which had certainly had a lot of work done to them over a period of time I imagine. I do think this image works well in monochrome however it was also one which did have rather more colour in the original. In practice the tones of colour were very similar and the actual house would not have stood out as well without monochrome treatment in my view. Cold and grey it may have been but it made for a pleasant excursion and gave me a few interesting wintry scenes.