At Benecassim on the Spanish coast

After we left Javea (see the blog here) we still had a few days to spare before we needed to head back up to northern France so we decided to visit another place that we had heard and read quite a lot about.  Benecassim is a little north of Valencia on the eastern Spanish coast.  It is quite a large resort however mostly used by the Spanish in the Summer so actually it is relatively quiet out of season (though the campsite was fairly full).  This meant that the coast itself felt oddly deserted compared to the places we had visit previously.  However the town was a pleasant working Spanish town with plenty of bars, shops etc and we found ourselves quite at home here fairly quickly.

Starting slightly to the north of the town and running along the coast is an old railway line that is now a walkway/cycle path.  It makes for a good walk with views along the coast and the remains of the work carried out when it was a railway line.  While there is a very large sandy beach at Benecassim the coast to the north is quite rocky and picturesque.  We did walk it on a Sunday when it was really quite busy however it is apparently much quieter in the week out of season.

Although it is on the east coast of Spain the sunsets were well worth popping out for.  The campsite was minutes walk from the promenade on the front and so it easy to go there with the camera to catch the last light.  In general there is no such thing as a “bad sunset” however the ones here really were lovely.  The light and colours was as good as anyone could have wanted and well worth going out for.

Walking back from shooting the sunset one night the lights on the promenade had come on.  The images above I like a lot.  The tones in the coloured image I found very attractive however equally the scene seemed to work well in monochrome too.  Short as the visit was we really did enjoy our time there and it seems likely that we will try and get back there again in the not too distant future we hope.