Torbay – early January 2016

As with much of the UK, the west country has had pretty poor weather conditions in December and early January. No real flooding such as some have had – in that we have been fortunate. However everywhere is sodden and I’ve not got out with the camera for what feels like a very long time.  The past week has brought some intervals where it hasn’t actually rained and so I’ve been out a couple of times for short walks in and along the Bay (Torbay).

The first walk was along the seafront from Preston, through Paignton and out to Roundham. The day was variable to say the least. The shot of Paignton pier was taken early on in the walk and the weather that looked like it was coming in did. However the rain didn’t last long and the sun came out again. Getting back to the north end of Preston the tide was high and the waves were breaking over the walkway – I nearly got wet.

The left and centre images above were taken on the same day as those above.  The right hand image was taken while walking from Corbyn Head into Torquay and back a few days later.  I actually like all three images.  While I do shoot quite varied images at times I do have a love of shooting “contre jour” which is what all three of the above are.  Put simply “contre jour” is “against the day” and basically means shooting into the sunlight.  Because this will often mean that the images are either over exposed by the sun or under exposed because the balance is wrong, it is not without difficulties as an approach.  However when it does work it is very satisfying for me.  The approach often means that there is little colour in the image and so treating them as monochrome tends to work quite well.


Just graffiti

Walking to Torquay and back gave me the above as a bonus. I do like some street art and I’d consider some graffiti as that. This one stopped me dead and made me think. Maybe a good thought for the new year.