Time out in Javea

Moving on along the Spanish coast later last Autumn (the previous blog is here) we arrived at Javea in our motorhome. One of the joys of motorhoming is that there are always plenty of suggestions of places that it would be good to visit and two or three people had suggested the campsite at Javea so we decided to give it a try.

The images above are among the first ones I took when we arrived there and it is fair to say that the area appealed to us.  Around Javea Port the beach is rather stony however it was still very nice and during the course of our stay we swam there – memorably a cormorant was swimming alongside me at one stage the water was so clear.

By contrast the actual town of Javea is a little inland from the port and the inner area of the town is extremely old in places.  The weekly market there was, for the size of the town, very large and had a wonderful selection of fresh fruit available among the other normal market items.  While the town has a lot of tourism it still manages to be a town that is mostly open all the year around with a good range of bars, cafes and shops.

In general we don’t stay anywhere for more than a few days usually however time simply passed by here without us being in any particular hurry to leave. We kept going back to reception at the campsite and saying “We’ll just stay a couple more days”. A combination of Javea town and port and, a little to the south, Arenal, a sandy beach type resort, kept us well occupied and content. Equally the general area was lovely and we kept telling ourselves we would see more of it when we came back again. I’m pretty sure it is somewhere we will return to in the future too.

While not really people who simply want to sit and look at the sea for long periods Arenal – both the pictures above were taken there – was lovely at a quiet time of year.  Montgo is the local mountain and looks very interesting and on another trip will have that as a high priority.  Caves have been found on the edge of Montgo which indicate human occupation in prehistoric times.  Equally the Romans were resident in the area for years at the height of the Roman empire.

Modern church, Javea Port, Spain

Modern church – Javea Port

I do like some church architecture. I found the interior (& exterior) of this modern church in Javea Port simply stunning and very peaceful.  Known as the “fishermans church” it is the church of Our Lady of Loreto and the roof is like the hull of a ship.

We stayed in Javea for 10 days – unheard of for us.  Equally we have every intention of returning there.  I cannot see us as people who will stay 3 months or more in the same place however another couple of weeks exploring the Javea area would be very welcome.