Images of Bordeaux

While we were staying in Arcachon on our motorhome trip in Autumn 2015 we had a day out in Bordeaux. I’m not much of a fan of cities however almost all of them have areas of interest and wandering around one with a camera for a while will usually keep me happy and produce some images. I certainly could have spent a longer time in Bordeaux – there are plenty of places that are worth a visit as far as I am concerned.  I also find these days that monochrome is often an interesting approach in urban settings and others.  For the most part I’ll let this gallery speak for itself.

The Miroir d’eau really does create some great opportunities for photography however hopefully people will be able to see at least a small part of the attraction of photography in city settings.

car park, Boardeaux, art, monochrome


I found this irresistible! It is a multi storey carpark (& the one we parked in). However this is actually an art installation even if it did give me pause for thought. As this is slightly out of order chronologically the next blog from Spain is here.