Sun setting – Dune du Pilat

Dune du Pilat

Dune du Pilat from the bottom

Before heading to the Arcachon area I did some research and noted that we would be close to a large sand dune. I have to be honest and say until I stood at the bottom of it I didn’t fully appreciate the scale of the Dune du Pilat!  We headed over there one day when the weather was not particularly good nor the light (the image above was taken then).  However it was obvious that heading back for some evening light would be worthwhile if we had the opportunity during the week we were there.

We were lucky with the evening we could head back there (despite not having very good weather for much of our time in Arcachon).  The light of the setting sun on the truly massive dune and the shadows created were stunning.  Throw in some cloud over the sea and in the sunlight and I shot quite a few pictures that evening.  Hopefully the above shots give a reasonable feel for the evening.

Some of the images seemed to work quite well in monochrome too.  While the dune was not at all busy at that time of day there were a few folk around and many were obviously there for the sunset too.  In passing a reminder that some variations on these images are on my Flickr feed here if people are interested.

Dune du Pilat, Aquitaine, France, monochrome

Dune du Pilat from the bottom

This final image was taken as we left the dune.  It really is an interesting place to visit and if we are back in that area again we will certainly go back there – a remarkable sight.  The next blog relating to this trip is here.



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