Saumur and Port-des-Barques – enroute south

This blog marks the start of another run in our motorhome in the Autumn of 2015.  We stayed in Saumur in the Autumn of 2014 and enjoyed the town and the setting.  Heading south from the Channel in the morning made stopping off for a night here again about right distance wise.  The campsite is on an island in the Loire and it is a short walk into the town.  We decided to eat out in the town (plenty of very good places to eat).  The above two images were taken walking back from the meal to the campsite.  The light levels were challenging however the shots came out reasonably well.

Our trips tend not to be all that “planned” and we prefer to go as the feeling takes us.  However for this run we had a couple of places where we were going to meet up with other people so we needed to keep to some sort of schedule to start with at least.  While we could have stayed at Saumur longer we headed off the next day towards Bordeaux.  We had in mind a campsite close to the mouth of the Charente river.  We got there in reasonable time and the campsite was pleasant.  The (small) town of Port-des-Barques was not exactly busy nor were there many places to visit.  However close to the campsite was a causeway to Ile Madame.  The island is only accessible at low tide and the tide times was not in our favour for this trip however it is somewhere we would look at again.  At the end of the 16th century Catholic priests were imprisoned there and over 250 died before the others were released.  There is a memorial by the causeway that was quite moving.

One thing that was in our favour was that the campsite was very close to the river and sea so we decided to head out to catch sunset.  We really were very lucky indeed.  The area was great for photography and the sunset was stunning.  Hopefully the images above give some idea of just how good it was there that night.

Fishing cabin,Port-des-Barques,Charente-Maritime

Fishing cabin at Port-des-Barques

We’d stayed close to this area some years ago and been intrigued by these structures on the shoreline. It was quickly apparent that they were cabins for fishing from however they do have a beauty to them. Taken in the last sunlight it enhanced the look of this one.

Sunset, Port-des-Barques, Charente-Maritime

Sunset at Port-des-Barques

The image above is certainly one of my favourites of the entire trip.  The clarity of the light and sense of tranquillity were lovely.  In practice the midges were really less pleasing so we headed back to put on bite cream!  Again being on a schedule we headed off the next morning towards Bordeaux and then towards Arcachon where we were spending some time with family.  That blog is here.