Up the Zeal Tor tramway and back down the Avon


Back on the moors for a daytime walk again – lovely.  Weatherwise it was an odd day.  We had rain, sun, wind, cloud – fairly normal for the moors in summer really.  Anyway we left the car at Shipley Bridge and head up the Zeal Tor tramway which heads roughly north west.  Long disused, there are still some markers and the tramway is quite a walkable track taking you through some poor ground at times.  The track turns roughly north shortly after passing Eastern White Barrow (or Whitaburrow depending where you are looking).  We left the old track just after this and headed up to Western White Barrow.  The ground underfoot was really very wet which was not that surprising given the “summer” we’ve had.

After a short time having a drink and looking at the views we headed roughly towards Broad Falls on the river Avon along the west bank.  It didn’t take us long to realise why we don’t normally go that way – the ground is very difficult for walking compared to the eastern bank.  Fortunately there was not enough water around to make crossing the river hard and we were soon on the east bank.  The clapper bridge seen above is on an ancient trackway across the moors and for a simple structure seems very long lasting.  The image next to it is of tinners spoil heaps with heather coming into flower on them.

Just clouds

Just clouds

The shot above is a little off the normal for my blog though it was taken during this walk. In general the images I show here are fairly straightforward ones that are intended to illustrate the walk or trip.  However I do take a different approach with a few more images these days and this is one such.  Those who are interested may care to take a look at my Flickr stream which contains a fair variety of images these days.

From the clapper bridge on the Avon there is a fairly well worn path that takes you back down to the Avon dam and reservoir.  By now the sun was out fairly consistently and walking along the valley it was quite warm.  The heather and gorse were both out adding some great splashes of colour to the scenery.  Arriving at the back of the Avon dam we sat for a while for a break and to enjoy the setting.  During the walk we had seen just two people and it was lovely to walk the moors in these conditions.  The walk back down from the dam is on a tarmaced road used by the water authorities although we noticed it has deteriorated quite a lot since our last visit.  Great to be out and hopefully we will be out again soon.