East from Bolberry Down

Soar Mill Cove, coast, Devon

It was a day when the weather looked to be promising however there had been a period of heavy rain so Dartmoor seemed to be the wet option.  We decided to head onto the coast for a change and, even with hindsight, we made the right decision.  When we parked the car at Bolberry Down there was quite a lot of cloud over the coast however there was also some sunshine breaking through.  We decided to head east along the coast path towards Bolt Head first with the option of coming back and then heading west being left for later.  The view above is one you get shortly after leaving Bolberry Down and looks over Soar Mill Cove.

As we headed down towards Soar Mill Cove it became clear that the tide was high and there was quite a sea running.  There was no question of not going down onto the beach and watching large waves break on the rock and roll in to the beach was great.  As can be seen from the photographs the day was still fairly overcast at this stage.  Having stayed a while and taken quite a few pictures, we started off again going east.  There is quite a steep climb on the coast path in either direction from Soar Mill Cove however the views make it worthwhile.

As we headed towards Bolt Head the sun began to break through more.  It really did become a day for photography as the light playing on the sea through the clouds created some stunning effects and I hope I’ve managed to capture the impression in the above images.  It remained fairly cold and a stiff wind was blowing inshore still as we walked along.  We got close to Bolt Head and sat for a while with a sandwich and a drink enjoying the view before deciding to head back to Soar Mill Cove again.

The contrast from the visit there earlier in the day was quite marked.  The tide had gone out and the sea had diminished considerably.  Throw in the fact that the sun was now fully out and we were quite warm sitting on the beach for a while enjoying the views again.  The sunlight on the sands and the sea again made for some good photography.

coast, Devon
Heading back up the path from Soar Mill Cove back to Bolberry Down we decided to drop off our packs at the car and head west for a while just with our cameras.  Above is a view from west of Bolberry Down looking back east and the difference in the day from start to finish is pronounced.  It is a stunning section of coastline and well worth exploring.  Despite our love of Dartmoor we agreed we really should try and spend a little more time wandering the coast in the future – it had been a great day out.