In Agde and Sète


While we were down on the coast of southern France (see the blog here) we visited two large towns and spent some time wandering the older areas of those towns. These old central areas of French towns often date back 500 years or considerably longer in some cases and so have some lovely features. Equally on very hot days, and it was getting very warm by now, they are relatively cool places to be.  The first of the towns was Agde and we found this puppeteer in one of the central squares.  I do find some street entertainment less than exciting but this guy was great with his puppets and we spent some time watching him.

In part this post comes under the heading of “time for something different”.  I am a landscape photographer in the main however other things do catch my eye.  Throw in the fact that the new Fuji X100T is so easy to carry and use quickly – a reason it is seen as a good street photography camera – and so some of the images/blogs now may have a different tone from time to time.  I took quite a few photos on the streets of Agde however trying to narrow this down for the blog I came up with these as they all appealed to me in some way.  I see Wikipedia considers Agde “one of the oldest villages in France”.  I’d question the word village I think as it really is quite a large built up area however it also says it dates back to 525 BC which gives an indication of age.

The other town we spent a day in was Sète. While it is far more modern than Agde everything is relative and it still dates back 500 years maybe.  Again I took quite a lot of photographs on the streets and around the town however here it was street art that caught my eye in the main – I loved the creativity and use of urban space, for me colourful and interesting.  The remaining photograph is of one of the many canals in the centre of Sète which link the inland lagoon with the Mediterranean.  Certainly we enjoyed our day in the town and would go back again sometime.  After our spell on the Med coast we moved inland and that blog is here.