An evening in the Bellever area

While it is great to be away touring in the motorhome it is good to be back for a while and catch up with the many things that need doing.  However it is also good to get back to walking on the moors.  An advantage with the Summer is that evening walks are a very attractive proposition.  You get to walk on the moors at a quieter time of day and enjoy some great evening light.

This is one of those really simple walks.  Leaving the car at Dunnabridge pound you head for either Laughter tor and then Bellever tor and then to the other one.  You can go across the moor or through Bellever woods so it is easy to vary the route.  Hopefully the images above give a fairly good idea of the way the moors looked as we wandered this area.  The light and skies were very good indeed.  Despite being July it was actually very cold and so stopping on top of either tor didn’t seem to be the best idea.  I’ve been walking the moors in the evening (as well as days & nights) for over thirty years now and some of the best walks I’ve had have been evening ones – this is a good example of why I still do it.