On the banks of the Ardeche

Motorhome in the Ardeche

After leaving Sommières (see the blog here) we headed north into the Ardèche.  The weather was still excellent and, although I’d driven through the Ardèche gorge many years ago, it was an area we were not really familiar with. Having driven down through the gorge I knew what the landscape was like and so didn’t really want to get into that section in the motorhome so we opted to stay a little to the north of the main gorge as a small village called Pradons.

In practice we were well impressed by the campsite, its location and the surrounding area.  We walked through the countryside on the western bank of the Ardèche and the images above were taken on that walk. The ground is mostly limestone and the tracks, walls, buildings etc are extremely old.  The area shows signs of cultivation dating back to Roman times and the landscape is stunning.  While the main gorge of the Ardèche is some 5 kilometres downstream the massive rack walls is indicative of the power of the river over ages. The main rock wall that can be seen above is the Cirque de Gens and is very high indeed.

The sheer scale of the landscape close to the campsite was remarkable.  Again there were such contrasts to the previous two areas that we had stayed at.  While there were quite a few passing canoes, the tranquillity simply sitting on the edge of the river in the early morning or late evening was great.  The walking in the area was very good and we wouldn’t mind doing some canoeing on the Ardèche so it is somewhere we would definitely head back to on another trip if we were passing. Equally the campsite – Du Pont – was one we really felt at home in. There was a decent pool and the pizzas were enormous!  From here we did a dash to the Alps as the forecast looked ok and that is blogged here.