At Sommières


Heading away from the Mediterranean coast (see the blog here) we drove for around two hours inland to Sommières in the Gard region of southern France.  We had been recommended the town by some people we met on a previous campsite.  We had never heard of it before however one of the real joys of this type of motorhoming is the ability to simply wander somewhere else – it’s something we love and what we did coming here.  We actually arrived on market day which made it interesting – it is virtually impossible to get to the municipal campsite on market day!  We parked up outside the town and walked in initially heading back to get the van once the market was over (& we’d bought some provisions) and the streets were open again.  The market was a very busy one and the other aspects that struck us was the age of the town and the size of the streets.  The pictures above really are typical of most of the centre of the town.  The town seems to be around 1000 years old although the bridge is a Roman one originally and the centre really does have that very old feel to it.

It is quite hard to describe the charm of this small town.  We loved our time there, a great contrast to the stay on the coast.  There were plenty of cafes and restaurants that were well used suggesting a fairly thriving community.  With the river (the Vidourle) running along the edge of the town and the old Roman bridge (above) leading to the main gate to the town (as seen in the first gallery) it is both compact and attractive.  The campsite, while not particularly modern, was pleasant, well placed and inexpensive.  We would happily spend some more time here in the future if only to return to the excellent Breton creperie overlooking the river!  Our next stop was in the Ardeche and will be blogged soon I hope.