At Saarburg

The image above wasn’t actually taken anywhere near Saarburg however I like it too much not to share it!  After leaving St Gervais in the French Alps (see the blog here) we spent some time in the Haut Jura and the Vosges – both very pleasant, however the weather was exceptionally hot and I’ve little photography from those areas worth posting on here.  However in between those two places we drove through Switzerland for a short period which took us along the lake seen above (Lac de Joux).  Stopping for a coffee we saw this scene and there was no way I was not going to take the picture.

Moving on to Saarburg itself, the decision to go there was rather a random one.  We had not appreciated fully the impact of the continental school holidays (& had planned the trip return date around UK school holidays) and campsites suddenly had far more pitches occupied than a week earlier.  The site at Saarburg seemed to be quite large and had the interesting prospect of having a chair lift to connect the campsite to the town so we decided to head there.  The town lies on the river Saar and as with other rivers in this area of Germany there are a lot of vines growing on the banks.  The campsite is in an elevated position on a plateau just on the edge of the town. It wasn’t bad if a little over priced in season but the chairlift beckoned and we headed down into the town.

The old part of Saarburg itself was a charming little town as, hopefully, the photographs show.  This main part of the old town had a lot of cafes and restaurants and was certainly somewhere to stop awhile.  The town is compact with the stream above flowing into the Saar at the edge of the town.  There is also and old castle.  However on the east bank of the Saar there is a far more modern town which I confess we didn’t go to as we only had a short time here.

We would return to this campsite again if we were in the region and it was out of season.  Another time I’d pick a pitch on the western edge of the campsite as the sunsets were stunning.  Just one blog remaining from the trip now which will be about our time around Ypres in Belgium.