At Millau

Millau Bridge

The start of another trip away in the motorhome and, again, there was no plan in terms of destinations really.  However, after three single nights at campsites heading south through France we’d already decided to stop for more than one night at Millau.  I’ve always wanted to see the bridge there since it was constructed and several people said that you got a better view of it by coming off the autoroute.  Either way it is a remarkable structure and well worth a look.  What we didn’t know is just what a lovely French town Millau was.

The campsite was well situated, on the banks of the Tarn and within 10 minutes walk of the town centre. The gorges of the Tarn are just upstream of the town but we decided to explore those another time.  Certainly the setting of both the campsite (which was a very good one – Les Erables) and the town itself was excellent.

We do love French markets both for the wonderful atmosphere they seem to generate as well as the great assortment of interesting local food that can be found on most of them.  The one in Millau was great and provided us with a lunch as well as a dinner.  One aspect of this trip that we loved was the variety of fresh fruit available – cherries were a particular favourite for us.  Worth nothing that this and the blogs that have yet to come have not just wide open landscape type images but also street scenes.  The new camera (see here) which I got before I left was great for this type of photography.

Wandering along the banks of the Tarn it was impossible not to be drawn to the building shown above.  It is an old watermill with a weir just beside it.  The only connection to the “mainland” is the little bridge and that is closed as unsafe.  It looked as though pigeons were now the only inhabitants however I’ve certainly never seen a building like it before.

Evening light

After three days of travelling it was good to stop and unwind for a few days (and I’ll probably look at doing something similar on future trips).  The fact that we were so close to such a pleasant old French town was a real bonus and being able to wander in in the evening for a meal and stroll the streets in the evening light was great.

From here we decided to head for the Med coast.  The weather was improving and it is many years since I’ve had any sort of holiday on a beach.  The next blog on the south coast of France is here.

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