Cadover bridge to Shaugh bridge (and back)

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get out on the moors as I’ve been away (see previous blogs) however the idea of getting a walk in on the moors was irresistible. The forecast was promising (I wonder how often my blogs contain those words) and we decided to walk up the river Plym from Cadover bridge. It’s a walk we have done a few times before and allows plenty of variation in route between Cadover and Plym head. The day was bright however we realised as we got close to Cadover that it was a little windy. When we opened the car door we realised that it was very very windy. Anyway given the fact it was a while since we’d had a walk we set off. After about 30 minutes of walking into the teeth of a gale and with no obvious shelter around for some way, we looked at one another and turned around. We decided the best prospect was to go along the river Plym in the opposite direction heading down the valley to the Dewerstone and Shaugh bridge. The valley is quite deep in this area and is wooded so we felt that there might be some protection from the wind.

Walking down the valley was positively peaceful compared to the conditions on the open moors. It’s been a few years since we have walked this way and so it felt quite “new”. A fair bit of the walk down on the east side is in the trees however the valley drops away and the views improve. You get to a point where you are opposite the Dewerstone rocks and they stand out clearly as can be seen in one of the images above.  Fairly soon after this point the path starts to drop quite quickly down to Shaugh bridge.  There is a car park there although the road to it is fairly minor and there are often minibuses parked there with the occupants having headed to the Dewerstone to climb.

It seemed like a good place to stop for some lunch so we sat and watched the water flow by. The bonus was that we also saw a pair of Dippers feeding in the river around the bridge. While they are not uncommon it is great to simply watch them.  It had been a fairly dry month when we went up there and that can be seen from the relatively low level of the river.  At times it can be far deeper and faster flowing however in these conditions walking across was very easy indeed.  On the basis that we prefer not to return the way we came when that is possible we set off back up the western bank of the river Plym not fully sure where the path ran.  We passed the base of the Dewerstone and there were groups of climbers in a number of places.  From below you do not really can a feeling of the scale of the rock faces there.  After that the path became quite indistinct.  We felt that there was probably a higher path that we could have taken however that would have meant retracing our steps so we continued along mostly at river level.  Some parts were more challenging and we reached a point where the path seemed to have disappeared.  Fortunately it was easy to cross the river here and make our way back the fairly short remaining distance on the eastern bank.  Arriving at the carpark at Cadover bridge we were a little surprised at just how windy it still was and realised we had definitely made the right decision to walk in the woods that day rather than on the open moors.