Through France towards Spain


Late February and we are off in the motorhome again. The plan this time as far as we have one is to drive down through France and find out what it’s like on the Spanish coast at this time of year. It’s something we have not done before however the attraction of some sun at the time of year drew us to it.

We crossed the Channel fairly early in the morning with the plan being to get to a campsite south of Paris on the Loire for that evening, using autoroutes most of the way. Getting around Paris in the motorhome was no pleasure at all however we managed it and arrived at the campsite mid afternoon. While the site felt very “out of season” the location was pretty good on the bank of the Loire and the facilities were ok.  The Château at Sully-sur-Loire – an easy walk from the campsite – was attractive although the weather was mostly cold and rather wet at times.

From this site we headed west a little towards the free autoroute which runs down to Limoges and then the paid section crossing the valleys of the Lot and Dordogne and then on down to Toulouse. we broke the journey at a campsite at St Germain les Belles which was close to the autoroute in the Haute-Vienne department.

We have stayed in some very well located campsites however the situation of this one, right on a lake, was lovely and we decided to stay for a couple of nights. The next day was quite literally freezing cold however it made for some good pictures. There was really not a lot to do in the small village there but we would certainly stop there again to break the journey up – very peaceful and a great setting.

We headed on down the autoroute and had one night in Toulouse and then drove east to the Mediterranean coast. We had decided that we would probably spend a night or two somewhere before the Spanish border and went to a site near Elne (in the Pyrénées-Orientales department). The site itself was fine however it was on a busy road which was not ideal. We did walk into the town itself and had a memorable coffee sitting the old town walls in the sunshine looking out at the snow capped Pyrenees. Certainly sitting out in the sunshine in such a setting was a real treat and made us feel that the decision to try a trip at this time of year was a good one. A bonus was the fact that the cherry trees was just blossoming in the area which was a lovely sight when whole orchards came into view. Next stop would be on the coast of Spain and that blog is here.