Work on the railway line at Dawlish


For a number of reasons we were looking for a fairly short and easy walk and decided to head to Dawlish to walk the coast path around to Dawlish Warren at least. At the start of February 2014 winter storms washed away a large part of the railway embankment at Dawlish in Devon.  I visited the area not long afterwards and the whole of the coastal section around to Dawlish Warren was blocked off to public access because of the renovation works.  We decided it would be interesting to see how the area looked long after the line had re-opened.  Because of that we were a little surprised to find that a section of the walk along the beach was still closed off with work still going on to strengthen the coastal defences.  In practice the work is no longer along the railway line itself but on the path that runs alongside the line.  It seems that this path is being widened in order to provide additional protection for the railway line.  At the time of writing this it is not possible to walk this section of the line/beach and you need to take the bridge that goes inland, then walk the road and then back across another bridge over the line to return to the coastal path after the section of work (if heading east from Dawlish).  I actually thought that the work platform looked quite interesting from a photographic point of view both in the mistiness early in the day and in full sun when we came back.

The other aspect of the walk was from Dawlish Warren around to the point which looks over towards Exmouth.  We arrived here just after the tide had turned and the water was running quite fast at times.  The photograph above that looks over the river Exe to Exmouth looks quite tranquil however the water had been running very fast for some time and had only just started to ease.  We sat in the sun here for a while having lunch.  Both before and after the stop the light varied quite considerably with sun and clouds creating light and shadow most of the time.  Again these seemed to make for interesting scenes.  We headed back to the car at Dawlish, again having to go inland to avoid the work on the coastal section.  All in all a very nice walk along the coast and interesting to see the work on the railway line.  I’m sure I’ll be back there again and you can look here and here for blogs I’ve written about the area previously.