Wandering near Burton Bradstock

Tinkers Cuss

The final leg of our break in July 2014 was based in Burton Bradstock, a small village close to the coast near Bridport in Dorset.  We have stayed in that general area before but had been based closer to Bridport.  On the subject of Bridport we headed in there as we noticed that there was a farmers market on.  There was a great selection of lovely foods, including very good cheeses and some lovely fruit, and we bought quite a few bits to take back with us.  Performing close to the market was the local group Tinkers Cuss photographed above.  They played some good music while we sat there in the sunshine however I simply couldn’t resist this photo of the little boy who was mesmerised by the musicians.

The following day we walked along the coast from Burton Bradstock to West Bay (also very close to Bridport). There is a good beach cafe there and the idea of a coffee sitting on the beach appealed. The left hand image above taken as we approached West Bay and looks down on it. The cafe has had issues with the seagull population so they have employed someone to try and keep them away while people are eating – that is the subject of the other photo. In practice the falconer had three birds there and the gulls stayed away however the people in the cafe were mostly fascinated by this form of pest control.

The closest beach to Burton Bradstock is Burton beach and it definitely had attractions. However the first day we passed there and headed on down the coast towards Chesil Beach.  The left hand image is taken looking along Cogden beach towards Chesil Beach and Portland Bill and it was one of a number of very good days (weatherwise and walking) that we had there.  The right hand image was taken on Cogden beach.  The blue/grey foliage of these plants was very striking when set against the almost golden beach.  At the time I thought it was probably some sort of kale and some research when I got back confirmed that Cogden beach is well known for its patches of sea kale.

We went down to Burton beach a number of times. It was quite an easy walk to get us onto the coast, it was pleasant there and there was also a beach cafe there. It is a sister cafe to the one at West Bay and is called the Hive and does do very good breakfasts indeed and, personally, I can’t think of many places I’d rather sit and have a breakfast and a coffee than this spot. The views from the cafe (which is literally on the edge of the beach) are great.  The left hand image looks towards Burton beach while the right hand image is taken from the cafe.

What a difference a few hours can make though. Both these images were taken on Burton beach on the same day – one in the morning and one in the afternoon and the change, not abnormal, is very noticeable.  Certainly not a complaint as, for the most part, we had very good weather for the whole of this break.  While I am really a fan of the Cornish coastline I must confess the Dorset coast is lovely too and it is growing on me – I am sure we will be back there again in the not too distant future.