Two evenings walking in the Haytor area

I really should have been blogging the last one in the series of my July break (and it is mostly written honest!) however life has been happening and then I made the most of a couple of evenings to walk in slightly different areas of eastern Dartmoor. The evening light was simply lovely and made the walks, quite short ones, very worthwhile. Although I’ve been out a couple of times on the moors over the last month the weather/light has not been that good for photography however I’d like to think these two evenings were better. I’m going to let the images speak for themselves basically although I’ll roughly outline the walks at the end of the gallery – enjoy.

The order above is random intentionally so I can’t point to specific images although they all have titles. The first night’s walk was roughly from Cold East Cross, up Rippon Tor and the down to Top Tor, Pil Tor and back. The second night was from Saddle Tor towards Emsworthy Rocks and then around the back of Haytor – the sun went into a cloud at that point so I headed back to the car. I enjoyed being out – I hope you enjoy the photos.